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Long time no see :)

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 16, 2009, 10:40 AM
Hello remaining watchers! I've been away for a big amount of time. Around one year and a half. More than I have planed. I just didn't have time then for anything else. It was a rough university year, but it all got sorted out slowly. Just that after that it was hard to try to come back here from time to time. I got my blog that takes a lot of my time. And I like it there more, because I get more freedom in certain things. But anyhow.. this summer I'll try to show you what I've been doing. Even If I didn't come here.. I didn't give up photography! :)

So.. see you soon! :)

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New Start

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 5, 2008, 12:46 AM
Finally The summer is over for me too. It was long.. first half with exams and the other with my travel. I went to the seaside here in Romania (Vama Veche) to the festival STUFSTOCK, then i went to Jiu Valley (my home town from wich I did most of my landscapes recently), then to visit my dear sisa and old friend FrozenStarRo in Baia Mare. It sure was a very nice stay, and I had lots of fun. Thank you sisa!:D and then.. in the end.. I went to Greece, the island of Thassos for the last part of my vacantion.. and i am happy that I had 4 very nice days full of sun so I could dive in the sea :D Summer is over and the university starts tomorrow. I'm very excited.. 2 new languages.. :D And I'll sure need help on the way from my bulgarian and swedish watchers.. so I can talk in their language.

This is all for now.. maybe.. hmm.. one last thing. Listen to my latest obssesion : ANBERLIN - THE UNWINDING CABLE CAR…

:hug: :hug: :hug: for all of you own there! Have a perfect year.. and good marks or exam results. :glomp:

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I've found out where I'll be starting school this autumn. :D I was admitted first in my class of Bulgarian - Swedish (University of Bucharest)  :D These were the languages i picked, and I will study them.. :D

So.. In other words.. I'll be around here more often from now on.. cause I have time again! Photos will show up soon.. comments also, cause I seriously slacked of on those.. :D And hope you'll be here with comments.. to my new photos.

And also.. I want to start my vacation! Even if it's only a month and a half.. it's something! So.. mountain, seaside and whatever here I come!

:D What photos will you want? I have some nice ones from my Trips to Bulgaria if you're interested :giggle:
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As you might have seen.. i'm kinda gone for the moment.. and will be GONE until the end of JULY. I have exams.. (BACU') and they kinda take all my spare time. I'm still shooting photos.. but no time to proces, post, comment..  my time is almost none.. so.. for now.. if you really want to say something NOTE me.. cause I check those daily..

See you in almost 3 months! Cheers!

UPDATE!!! 14 April 2008 Tequilaz0r suggested me for a DD, and today(14).. it seems I got featured.. wow.. I am really happy! Thank you Danny :hug: and all of my watchers.. and the people that faved me today! Thank you for all the feedback. :hug:

Have a nice day.. smile.. and give a hug! :hug:

oh.. and yeah.. the deviation with the DD is…
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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 12, 2008, 8:54 AM
Been quite lazy around here.. my time is so little.. that I prefer to sleep or watch a movie sometimes. Anyhow.. I didn't forget about you guys.. so.. instead of words.. here is a little picture story of my last month.. :D Hope you'll like them. :hug: have a nice day and week :D

Bunch of crazy deviants on the steps of the National theater of Bucharest. Some of my best friends.. :hug: :D how can you just not love them? :cuddle:

Sometimes all you need is a good laugh :D and a hug.. and a silly guy trying to ruin your picture.. and his wife.. making him and idiot.. (and i think she also hit him with her purse? :-? not very sure right now..)

:D tralalala :D we are the crazy bunch :giggle: thank you guys for all your support, and hugs, and kisses and all.. :D :aww: you sure gave me some awesome moments this year.

On my way home to Bucharest.. picture taken somewhere in Valcea county. :D

Old rusty train found in Cervena Voda, near Rousse, Bulgaria :boogie:

Home, in Jiu Valley, Straja Preak :love: awesome view of the whole valley from up there.

Just me and my sweet cousin lizy1993

On the road as.. always. That's what I love most.. to travel. I'm always ready to leave in a couple of minutes.. just tell me when, where and i'm off on my way :giggle:

Crang Parc in Buzau city, on a very beautiful sunday morning :D

Nikolovo, Bulgaria, near Rousse. Awesome place! :D

<img src="…" border="0" ">

te iubesc copil.. :aww: :hug: lizy1993 eu si vara-mea in curtea in care am crescut si cu semnul de stop in spate.. semn care cam opreste masinile "in casa" uneori :giggle:

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Journal Entry: Sat Jan 26, 2008, 4:51 AM

Another Year Older by iwanttoscream to Heaven by LarmeEterne :thumb74950799:

This is a demand to have POETS OF THE FALL in Romania, Bucharest, just found this today.. so.. people if you like them.. start voting, maybe they'll come :D Let's vote and see…

It won't take longer than a few minutes.. so please if you can spare 5 minutes.. help us get them in Bucharest. :D They are one of my favorite bands

Here is the video for LIFT (the first song i ever listend from them)…

:hug: thank you for reading and voting guys! :D :smooch:

:thumb75595111: Ruina by a14onymus Experimentation 2 by Ystery

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Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 15, 2008, 11:42 AM

It's going to be quite a hard year for me till September, because I have my highscholl graduation exams in June.. and they are quite hard.. so, mostly because of that I will reply only to a few comments.. and all if I have the time.. and please excuse my delay. I will still be here, watching, faving and commenting but less than you were maybe used to.. Anyhow.. Wish me luck.. :D and in June put in a good word for me with someone :giggle: i'll sure need it on the french examn :D



Deja m-am apucat de treaba.. incep sa invat.. sa fac variante.. sa fiu stres ( :rofl:). Si.. sa ma bucur.. :D e ultimul an de liceu, ultimul an.. cand chilul e ceva interzis, cand inca ne mai intereseaza notele, cand latina aia imi mananca zilele, cand fugi de la ore ca sa nu dai nu stiu ce lucrare, cand iti e inca permis sa te comporti ca un copil. Stiu ca imi va fi dor de anu asta... si de aceea incerc sa porfit.. mai e doar jumate din el.. si trece atat de repede, pana si orele plicticoase zboara, abia am timp sa realizez ce se vorbeste la tabla ca se aude soneria aia de zici ca-i incendiu(:rofl:)

In ultima vreme am avut parte de multe lucruri faine.. sis a incep totusi cu inceputul.. si anume Revu.. petrecut alaturi de cativa oameni tare speciali.. :D si draguti. Multumim Andreea :hug: si Thx Alex (hug u zuzi) si my 2 adoptive parents (:rofll:) Crisa and Cip. Bucurestiul arata asa pasnic pe la 6 si ceva dimineata.. cativa fulgisori sclipeau coborand din vazduh.. vantul suiera pe la urechi (poate imi ura un an bun :D ), linistea era asurzitoare. Apoi.. a venit zapada, au venit bulgarii, au venit micile batai in si cu zapada, a venit veselia, rasul, si.. fericirea. :D Aproape oriunde ma uit in jur vad oameni fericiti, vad oameni ce zambesc si rad. Cum poti sa nu te alaturi? :giggle: e cam greu.. cel putin pentru mine.

Urmeaza poate mai mult zapada, poate iar frig.. cert e ca urmeaza clipe faine.. ce nu le vom uita.. urmeaza februarie.. urmeaza primvara, urmeaza un 12E mai cretin.. si mai unit decat orice a fost pana acum. Urmeaza poate niste evadari.. tone de poze, lacrimi de fericire, tipete, baluri, munte, 19 si multe altele..

Zambesc.. si sunt happy.. no reason.. sau exista.. VOI.. fiecare in parte se stie.. si stie si de ce anume.. voi m-ati facut happy.. si sunt convinsa ca va fi la fel si from now on. :D


:dance: :boogie: :dance: :boogie: :dance:  

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Here are some of the best under appreciated pictures from my fav's gallery:

:thumb72937857: :thumb72242538: :thumb73153601: kyon by uurthegreat It's snowing again by shrekutza Kitten by L-G-K Tangled by DianaCretu winter story by nayein :thumb73072779: Collective thought by DianaCretu White Christmas by shrekutza As it falls by Lyzzard jeux d'enfants by nebunie Shaman by DianaCretu Morning by L-G-K :thumb73160799: winter wonder land by DonaRita :thumb73119215: Winter by Dinarakey Snowy Forrest by RisChiBaLT Christmas dream by shrekutza Lovers Bench - Winter by ab-origine Adam and Eve 02 by tummy31 frozen part.2. by 5mm city of a blinding hope by cosanameimagi a man of no importance by nebunie bits of joy by Lyzzard Rockstar by DianaCretu :thumb73056248: :thumb73154095: You're no good by fuel-clau :thumb72942074: champagne by koksuel first day of Christmas by MasezDromaderi Bearded Oak by PixelBlender :thumb73082190: The missing rose by AlexC86 :thumb65930142: Let it Snow... by Sunnystorm 'December - part II' by Suensyan Icing by drkshp :thumb71463116: Promised light by valeriemonthuit :thumb69949269: :thumb69544795: Christmas Eve by elisa-of-bohemia Do you believe in magic? by TorZirael :thumb72867045: lady in blue by nowaryesblack Convorbire cu fantome, by anduSimion Love is in the air by LevyNagy :thumb66742560: uzun pozlama - long exposure by brokenpuppy Carol of the bells by blessedchild

THIS IS JUST PART1... and the order is RANDOM because I couldn't pick a certain order.. so.. they may look messy but they are worth you time! Every second.. :D


Journal Entry: Sun Dec 23, 2007, 9:57 AM
  Santa's coming to town (shrekutza 's version) :giggle:


It's been a wonderful year.. traveled a lot, been through a lot.. had lots of laughs. But.. it's not the time to rerun everything over again.. so.. let's se.. i've been busy.. and answered so few messages.. but from once in a while i still passed by some galleries and let them know i was there :evillaugh:

I wish you all great guys out there joy, a lot of snow (and take pictures to prove it ::giggle:) to be happy, to be loved, to have a great Christmas, to be surrounded by great friends, to make other happy.. and may the wind take you on your cloud. :D Sometimes it's awesome to be cloud connected isn't it?

Going back in my hammock :giggle: very lazy these days.. I think it's the weather! (:rofl: please don't believe me). Anyhow.. vacation is here.. and I really want to take advantage of every second of free time I have.

And because i'll sure be lacking words again.. see you next year, with more words, better things to say, maybe with a even happy face, and with more pictures! Have fun and drink safe :giggle:!


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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 25, 2007, 3:06 PM

Timpul trece.. uneori parca prea repede. Desi sunt a 12-a.. simt ca a trecut prea repede, nu m-a lasat sa ma bucur cum trebuie de liceu. E socul prin care trecem toti, cred. Ne dam seama ca desi ne-am distrat si am facut tot ce ne-a taiat capul (in cazul meu cel putin), puteam face mai multe.. si sa profitam mai mult de timp. E bine ca ne dam seama si la final nu? :)

Sunt a 12-a si ma enerveaza! Timpu' imi e dusman aprig, somnu' cu greu vine uneori si e atat de ravnit.. si Bacu' ala ma streseaza la culme, desi aud din toate partile :"il vei lua fara probleme" tot e stres.. si sper sa scap repede, sa se termine, sa pot pleca in munte, sa dispar iar din Bucuresti o perioada, sa am timp de leneveala in iarba, sa mai promovez Valea Jiului cu poze faine :aww:. Planuri am atat de multe incat uneri ma doare capul, numa' timp sa am.. pentru ca deja am inceput sa mai invat.. si se tot aduna.. si o sa las calculatorul la un moment dat. <.div>

Lista de realizat intr-un an :

1. Sa trec Bacu cu bine... (ca daca am numai 5-uri nu ma incalzeste)
2. mult munte in vara
3. 2 mai si Vama Veche dupa Bac :)
4. Sa termin povestea aia odata...
5. Sa iubesc mai mult si sa daruiesc cat mai mult din mine :hug:
6. Sa nu uit sa visez.
7. Sa citesc vraful de carti ce ma asteapta :giggle:
8. Sa fiu mereu un copil nebun :evillaugh:

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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 7, 2007, 6:24 AM
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yesterday was an awesome day.. Muse finally came to Romania and gave us aprox. 2 hours of what a real show means. I can't say I was a very big fan.. but I sure did like them a lot.. but now.. after the concert I'm in love with their music for life. The concert lasted for about 2 hours. I wasn't that close to the stage.. but I still had a good view of them and also I've seen a lot on the big screens. So.. all in all it was this year's best concert (for me at least). I'm just sorry that It lasted only 2 hours.. I wanted more!!! :love: I think we all did :giggle: I just hope they are going to come again soon.. cause we're sure going to be here waiting. I've went there with shrekutza Lyzzard and MadmanV3N0M

And because deviants are always present where there's good music I managed to bump into: alex-xela, gadjoX, 1000Faces, degnartse, drefeyja, bendisChild and paintrust. But there were many more there just didn't see them. :D Anyhow who has pictures from last night please be kind enough and send me a mail, note or ym! me. I won't mind at all :giggle:

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First :iconculturesafari: taged me with this :

Soundtrack of my life

1. Opening Credits: Depeche Mode - John the Revelator (hmm.. weird but.. it's ok i guess)

2. Waking Up Scene: Scooter - See Me, Feel Me ( it's ok.. :D it makes me more sleepy thank awake :P)

3. Car Driving Scene: Atb - Let U Go (2005 Reworked) (the perfect one for driving)

4. High School Flashback Scene: Laura Pausini - I Need Love (hmm.. well i did receive lots of love in my highscoll years :giggle: so it's ok)

5. Nostalgic Scene: RHCP - Californication ( oh yeah! this is quite nostalgic.. reminds my of my best friend who died last year)

6. Bitter, Angry Scene: Praf in Ochi - In Mintea Mea ( a Ro-punk-band the song is perfect)

7. Break-up Scene: Ryan Adams - Wonderwall ( hmm... the songs is a little sad.. )

8. Regret Scene: Sugarcult - Pretty Girl (The Way) ( I think it goes ok here.. it is sort of about regret )

9. Nightclub/Bar Scene: Simple Plan - I Miss You ( no way.. it's too calm to go in a nightclub/bar)

10. Fight/Action Scene: Patrice-Soulstorm ( i so love this song! :heart:)

11. Lawn Mowing Scene: Third eye blind - Cant get away ( it's good for activities like this :aww:)

12. Sad, breakdown scene: Luna amara - Rosu aprins (ok.. it is a bit sad)

13. Death Scene: Good Charlotte - Hold On ( just the perfect song to make you hold on!)

14. Funeral Scene: Treble Charger - Brand New Low ( :-? not quite)

15. Mellow/Pot-smoking Scene: Three Days Grace - Riot ( oh hell no! :rofl: )

16. Dreaming About Someone Scene: 3 Doors Down - Away From The Sun ( it could go ok here)

17. Sex Scene: The killers - Bones (yeah.. it could go on the backroud :giggle:)

18. Contemplation Scene: Evan & Jaron - I'm Crazy For This Girl ( it would have been better if the song were about a boy.. but it's ok for this category)

19. Chase Scene: Gree day - Minority ( it sure is good to run on :D)

20. Happy Love Scene: Muse - Starlight ( it think it goes perfect here after yearderday's concert:D)

21. Happy Friend Scene: Nox-Szeretem ( it has a nice rythm)

22. Closing Credits: Coldplay - talk ( perfect :) because now is your time to comment)

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6 weird things about me :-?

1. I love to take thousands of pictures of my friends and lanscapes.. like 10 pics per second sometimes :giggle:
2. I love my dog like he were my brother
3. I'm a maniac about mountains
4. I can speak with 3 different accents :D
5. I would like to bungee-jump from a very tall brigde
6. I like being quite free :D

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Home Photos

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 16, 2007, 12:05 PM
Here are some pictures from my last week of vacation before my senior year in high school. I've been in my home town of Vulcan (Jiu Valley), which is located in Hunedoara county.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A photo made from Deva's highest point, the fortress. It's a wonderful place for taking pictures, to admire the view, and to be alone sometimes. I sure loved seeing everything from that high up. and I also had great company.. :giggle: I prsent you my tour guide for the city of Deva

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

mister TraceLegacy :giggle: And a nice tour guide he was.. :hug: To bad he now lives in Timisoara.. he had to move from his hometown too.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Some of my best friends. I know some of them from kinder garden. :D So.. yeah.. really old and good friends. We always have a good time together :D  

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It's too bad that I get the change to see them just a few times per year. We live quite far from each other.. so usually we gather on holidays, mostly in the summer and Christmas :D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Some very good deviant friends from Petrosani. They are FreakyKiddow and NezoDesign. Had great fun at our little Dev meet :giggle: thank you guys :hug:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Teh city by night.. raining.. :D Even so.. the city looks so peaceful, and it's nice to walk in the rain that looks like snow.. :P

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I love apples, especially fresh ones. My granny has a garden full of trees like this.. :D and usually i walk under them, and pick the apples and eat them.. they taste different when you just pick them from the tree.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lunca florii

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lunca florii (outside Petrila city)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Do you like heights? :D them you can sure do some rock climbing

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


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Va iubesc! pe bune ,)

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2007, 4:05 PM
:heart: :thumb42765670: :heart:

O trecut anu de cand sunt aici de ceva vreme. Mi-o placut de la inceput... si m-am bucurat ca m-ati primit tare repede si cu bratele deschise in randurile voastre, desi aveam cateva poze de copil cretin pe vremea aceea.


Ma ajutati mereu, ma faceti sa zambesc, ma sunati, ma mai bagati in seama pe mess, imi cereti parerea, ma ajutati cu prelucrarea, imi sariti in carca pe strada, ma haguiti la meeturi, ma haguiti cu prima ocazie, imi zambiti si uite asa ma faceti un om tare fericit .

Vara asta am redescoperit ca am nevoie de atat de putine lucruri ca sa fiu happy. Am redescoperit placerea lucrurilor simple, am invatat sa ma mai temperez (hey! uneori imi si iese :giggle:)


Am descoperit si ca imi place chitara.. sa cant eu la ea.. ca asa imi placea de mult. SI tare as vrea sa invat sa cant singurica acorduri mai complicate. Suna bine.. corzile alea le linistesc doar daca zangani... :heart:


Vreau multe, si timpu' mi scurt. Dar il bat! :evillaugh:

Come tomorrow, come tomorrow
There's never been an answer

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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 22, 2007, 12:24 PM

Belgium is over. It was a very full month. I got to visit a lot of places like : Antwerp, Gent, Brussels, Oostende, Brugge, Lire, Mechelen and a few from The Nederlands : Hulst, Terneuzen, Middleburg, Bergen-op-zoom and Rotterdam, and also Luxembourg. So yeah.. i sure had a full month :dancing:

The pictures will come these days.. i'll start posting again.. i still have a few older ones from Romania first. So.. I hope you won't get bored watching them all and that you will like them.

I am happy that I got home ok.. i was scared of flying.. but i managed to overcome my fear in the end and it was the best trip I ever had.. it's just wonderful to be amoung the clouds.. to see how beautiful they are so close.. you just feel the need to put your hand out and touch them to make sure they are real.

I also want to thank :icontryingtothink: and the lovely :iconserialbitch: for all their time. They showed me around Antwerp, and I also spent some nice time with them. Thank you dear friends and hope to see you soon again. :hug: I'm gonna miss having a beer with you. :giggle:

:heart: :heart:

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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 7, 2007, 2:00 PM
So.. THE X day came! I am officially 18 right now.. well.. more exactly I will be 18 at 5:20 Pm that's when I was born :D. But that's just a small detail. I don't feel older, I don't feel anything special… I am just happy that from today I will be able to travel alone in whatever country I wish! And that's something that makes me happy.. I hated the fact that I had to have an adult supervisor.. like I was still a baby. Anyhow.. back to the birthday. In a month.. I will have another birthday. I will celebrate one year here on deviantart. I want to thank all you guys out there that viewed my page, that faved my work, that left a comment. It all means a lot to me and I am glad I found this community. It is a great experience, I learned a lot from some close people I met here on dA. It would be unfair to make a list right now.. I want to thank ALL!! If you are watching me, if you are a friend.. than this :hug: :hug: :hug: is for you! I want to hug you all and thank you for this awesome time. I can really call myself a photographer now thanks to what I've learned.

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :D love you guys!

I feel really happy right now! Because I am sure I am going to receive a big amount of hugs :giggle: and I so love them! :dance:  :boogie: :dance:

A new day awaits :D

P.s. see you with a new journal soon..

I am still amazed by the 22,500  Pageviews :boogie:

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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 14, 2007, 12:38 PM
Just in Romanian.. didn't have time to translate.. sorry guys.. but if you are interested ask and i will answer.

Fiindca saptamana trecuta si cea precedenta s-a vorbit foarte mult in jurul meu despre fericire.. am decis sa mai vorbesc si eu din nou. Totul a inceput la o ora de latina cand profa ne-a intrebat care credem noi ca este definitia fericirii. Fiecare si-a spus propria definitie a fericirii. Pana la urma nu am ajuns la niciun conses. Oameni diferiti, pareri la fel de diferite. Dar.. definitia mea.. cuprinde putin din fiecare si suna cam asa :

"Fericit esti atunci cand ... :
1. Ajuti pe cineva.
2. Vezi licarul de mandrie in ochii parintilor.
3. Cand reuseste sa furi un zambet sau un hug de la persoane dragi.
4. Cand lumea are incredere deplina in tine.
5. Cand faci poze.
6. Cand vezi ca esti apreciat ca fotograf.
7. Cand ajug la munte.
8. Cand ajung in Buzau
9. Cand ma vad cu persoanele dragi mie de pe dev la MEET.
10. Cand vorbesc pe mess cu persoanele dragi de pe dev dar din alte orase.
11. Cand vezi ca insemni ceva pentru cineva.
12. Cand iubesti.
13. Cand faci pe cineva sa rada.
14. Cand stii ca ai 2 parinti ce te iubesc.
15. Cand o duci bine cu scoala.
16. Cand ai parte de o gasca de prieteni exceptionala.
17. Cand.. de bine de rau ai o clasa ok.
18. Cand iti aduci aminte de vremurile ce au apus.. printr-o serbare de Craciun in engleza.
19. Cand vezi ca cineva iti duce dorul.
20. Cand asculti muzica.
21. Cand citesti.
22. Cand dormi.
23. Cand poti savura o cafea in fiecare dimineata admirand soarele ce rasare peste blocuri si tramvaie.
24. Cand poti spune "multumesc".
25. Cand vezi un film pe care il asteptai.
26. Cand ei iti zambesc si te haguiesc fara motiv.
27. Cand calatoresti.
28. Cand ajungi in Hunedoara.
29. Cand cineva iti cumpara pozele.
30. Cand cainele vine la tine in momentele de cumpana.
31. Cand stii ca nu esti singur.
32. Cand vezi lume fericita si copaci infloriti.
33. Cand vine vacanta.
34. Cand mergi la un concert.
35. Cand mergi la teatru.
36. Cand calatoresti cu trenul, chiar daca e un personal invechit de timp.
37. Cand primesti un cadou.
38. Cand cineva isi aduce aminte cand este ziua ta.
39. Cand scapi de lucrari sau ascultari.
40. Cand nu ai o zi grea la scoala.
41. Cand reusesti sa iti implinesti un vis
42. Cand ai locuri speciale.
43. Cand primesti o floare.
44. Cand poti mirosi primavara.
45. Cand vezi ce imporntanta poate fi doar o simpla actiune de a ta.
46. Cand poti sarbatorii alaturi de prieteni.
47. Cand te poti distra oricum si oriunde.
48. Cand lumea striga dupa tine pe strada.
49. Cand indiferent de ce se intampla stii ca are cine sa iti spuna "totul va fi bine"
50. Cand poti sa te bucuri de orice nimic! :D

Astea sunt doar cateva motive... Multi nu se gandesc cate motive au sa zambeasca, sa fie alaturi de cei dragi si pur si simplu sa incerce sa fie fericiti... DIn pacate mult dintre noi.. uitam ca lista e mai mare la"motive de fericire" si vrem sa o imbratisam doar pe cea cu motive "sa fim SAD". O lista care nu ne ajuta deloc.. ba chiar .. ne deprima. Data viitoare cand esti suparat.. gandeste-te cati oameni din Africa nu au decat 1 sau 2 chestii de pe lista ta de fericire.. si totusi ei se declara mai fericiti decat noi. Asta sa fie un subiect de meditatie.. cu cat ai mai mult.. cu atat apreciezi mai putin

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De ce mi-am facut cont? Nu mi-am facut din cauza ca am "cele mai extraordinare poze" ( ya right! :-)) ci pentru ca multi m-au tot batut la cap si am zis sa vad si eu ce-i de capul site-ului. Pana acum imi place... am postat o parte din pozele facute pana acum... si va urma.

Calitatea pozelor nu este extraordinara pentru ca sunt facute cu telefonul ( Sony Ericsson W800i ) asa ca pana ma vad im mana cu ceva mai profesions... orice e bun! :D Poze sa fie.. si sa fie faine!

Cam atat pentru acum... :D see ya soon!

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